what is VitalDanza?

"VitalDanza has literally transformed my life. It brought me into my body and I have been blossoming ever since. It is a wonderful community of beautiful people. It is so healing and nurturing and the dance makes you feel so alive and present. It brings so much joy into my life and the joy extends outside of the classroom. This work is transformative."                        Megan L

"Everything flows when you are inspired. VitalDanza is a wonderful inspiration, a "vivencia" (experience) filled with love, that touches me deeply. Dancing frees my mind and opens my heart. It is magical! I am fortunate to have found Jaquelin Levin-Zabare  and this loving group of people. Thank you forever!"                                                                      Renate

"Vital Danza is one of the most transformative healing modalities I have ever done. Since my first class 2.5 years ago I have been hooked and it is now something I get so excited for. For me the thing that brings me back again and again is the the facilitator Jaquelin. She is one of the kindest, honest people I have met and she is a walking example of the embodiment of the goddess energy. Just her presence in this class has nurtured me to heal, grow and love myself more deeply. So thankful to have found both Jaquelin and Vital Danza!!!"           Katie


Vital Development ┬«  (VitalDanza) 
is a dynamic, vital and joyful dance form with therapeutic and transformational inputs taking its basics from gestures and expressions from everyday movements making them conscious at body and mental levels. It combines dance creative expression and body sensitive experience with music and community building into movements and forms that enables each participant to work towards his or her full potential as a healthy individual in relation with the others and the environment. 
The system of Vital Development has roots in 
anthropology, psychology, biology, philosophy and shamanism. It is a system that is fun, unique and will open your heart.
VitalDanza is not only therapeutic but enables us to relearn the poetry of living. 
Through the various dances we relearn and refine our essential instinctive human needs.
It is therapeutic in the sense that we are able to recover the parts of ourselves that may have been lost over our lives. 
They simultaneously enhance their sense of individual identity. 
The dances have no choreography. The participant is guided to express their own dance. Communication skills and the understanding of feedback are taught in the dances with others. 
VitalDanza proposes to awaken a dormant sensitivity so that we find a new way to really live as opposed to merely surviving.
With regular practice we start to live with great passion, love and intensity and this filters into every aspect of our lives.
It is simple to do and attracts men and women from all walks of life. 
Dance and movement is our most primordial form of expression and communication.
In the dance of life we access this primality - our original essence- and we, organically, arrive at the comprehension that we have been born with an amazing potential to express all our human possibilities to the maximum.
In order to do that we need to nurture the soul.
VitalDanza is, indeed, this food for the soul. 
When we disconnect from this we create a dis-harmony inside of us and this translated into our world. Also, when our body stops recognizing itself through this process dis-ease manifests.
There is a reference of the universe within all of us - embedded in our biology - in each cell ,and through the dances of VitalDanza we reconnect with this great universal energy.
VitalDanza is designed to induce integration through music, voice, movement and encounters within a group setting. The group is central to the VialDanza experience. We are provided with a non-judgmental space where we can relate to others and our existential growth occurs through the presence of other human beings. To be with the other is a biological necessity.
Groups who practice  Vital Development (VitalDanza) together on a regular basis develop strong bonds of intimacy as through the group each person is able to discover something profound and previously unknown within themselves.
The more we immerse ourselves into the group that represents the ocean of humanity the more we understand that life is at the very center of Creation.
There is an organizing unity in the universe where life wants to create more life. Life has an intrinsic desire to grow and evolve. 
 .At this moment soul, spirit and flesh are connected. We are no longer separate from the music and we become the AbunDance.
Another element within the roots of the Vital Development┬« method developed by Patricia Martello is the amplification of the concept of love: from Love/Eros to the Greek tradition of Love/Agape. 

The VitalDanza Workshop is structured and directed by a fully qualified Vital Development facilitator. It is practiced in mixed groups. The regular practice of increases the general state of mental and physical health and helps to gain awareness of our movements, body posture, expressive qualities, communication skills, body language, kinaesthetic sensations, respect and love for yourself and the others, and the essential vital attitude to face life processes as we dance ourselves with enjoyment. 

Each participant works on three levels of communication: 
- with oneself 
- with another person 
- with the group

It is designed for use in a wide variety of settings and is effective with adults, seniors and in special groups with children.