dIRECTOR OF THE la school of vital development - vitaldanza

Jaquelin Levin-Zabare is a Didactic VitalDanza Facilitator.She has been exploring movement processes deeply for over 20 years and has been facilitating since 2003. During this time she has trained with Patricia Martello, Marcelo Di Matteo, Rolando Toro Areneda and others in South Africa, The United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Brazil.  Her work focuses on the empowerment and blossoming of the human being through the integrative realization of our human potential through community. She has trained in psychology, drama, energy healing, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, childbirth educator and has been initiated into The Medicine Way in South Africa and the USA

She has taught Vital Development - VitalDanza in Los Angeles, Arizona, South Africa, Mozambique, London, Spain and is also a regular workshop leader and visiting teacher at the Esalen Institute in California.

She conducts classes in Los Angeles and throughout the USA to various groups including adults, senior citizens,teenagers, children, pre-natal mothers and couples, people with Alzheimers, people undergoing treatment for illnesses and people on the  Autism Spectrum. She has been trained in South Africa and in the UK and Europe. Jaquelin has successfully introduced  Vital Development - VitalDanza into institutions and NGO's such as Actors for Autism,The Children's Collective, Sunrise Assisted Living, Brookdale Senior Living, Sherman Oaks Cooperative Nursery School,JITLI, Our SpaceLA and MyLife.